Gov. Bobby Jindal challenged on retiree cost-of-living increase

Pension fixes added to COLA increase bill
June 2, 2015
COLA for retired state employees, teachers up in air
June 11, 2015

Louisiana Rep. Sam Jones called on Gov. Bobby Jindal Tuesday to reconsider his threat to veto a cost-of-living raise this year for 130,000 retired state employees and teachers.

Jones said it is particularly important for retirees to get a 1.5 percent bump in their pension checks now because it could be the last chance for a while.

“If we don’t give one this year almost certainly we will not give one next year,” Jones said. “We are looking at the possibility of maybe three years.”

The money to provide the average $30 monthly increase is in special accounts set up for the cost-of-living-adjustments, or COLAs, at the four statewide retirement systems: State Employee, Teachers, School Employees and State Police. But a consumer price index benchmark must be met too, Jones said.

“We will meet it this year and probably not next year. Do we likely skip three years or try to do something more immediate to address the problems of 130,000 retirees?” Jones asked.

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