How To Join RSEA

How to Join RSEA

Retired state workers can join and pay dues by:

Direct Withdrawal:

You can call and have your monthly dues of $1.50 ($18 yearly) deducted from the retirement check you receive each month.  Call 1-866-938-0961 and provide your name, your telephone number and address and say “I want to pay my dues the Direct Withdrawal way.  Or, you can provide your information by completing our online form below.

Retired state workers, active state employees and others may join and pay dues in one of the following ways:

By Check/Money Order:

You can fill out the membership application (Click Here) to download a printable application) and send it along with your check for $18 to pay your annual dues:


9412 Common Street, Suite 7 Baton Rouge, LA 70809

By Credit Card:

Click the button below to submit your payment of $19 (includes a $1 convenience fee). Once you’ve successfully submitted your payment, please complete the application form below.