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A Letter from Our President

RSEA State President, Bonita Hearne, MSW, LCSW

Welcome to the RSEA website.

RSEA has been working diligently for both active and retired states employees for over 50 years – “working today for your tomorrow”. Our mission is to advance the quality of life of current and retired state employees.

A strong membership enrollment is the best way to increase our voice! We need every current and retired state employee to become a member. For only $18 yearly ($1.50/month) you can keep RSEA’s voice strong and help us fight for you.

The benefits are numerous but a few are listed below:
• Receive protection of current and future retirement benefits
• Have an advocate for COLA’s – Cost of Living Adjustments
• Have a legislative representation at the State Capitol
• Stay up to date on current issues by receiving Newsletters
• Receive vital information at yearly Chapter meetings
• Enjoy a dynamic yearly State Conference
• Enjoy a budget friendly yearly RSEA sponsored trip
• Receive insurance opportunities through AMBA
• Questions answered by a friendly office staff available Monday – Thursday

Please keep your voice strong by joining or continuing to be a member of RSEA and by letting all your friends and family know about this wonderful Association. Joining is as easy as making one phone call or joining on-line.

Thank you for visiting the website. Let us know if you have questions about retirement or how we can better serve you. Please call us at 866-938-0961 or 225-930-0961.

It is an honor to serve as your State President.


Bonita Hearne, MSW, LCSW
RSEA State President