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Chapter Members of the Year

Below are members who were nominated and selected as the Chapter Members Of The Year. If you would like to nominate a member, please use the form below. 

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2019 Chapter Members of the Year

Jeffrey Toms

Monroe Chapter

Martin Audiffred

North Shore Chapter

Butch Gautreaux

Coastal Chapter 

Melanie Roussel

Acadiana Chapter


Baton Rouge Chapter 

Lucille Collins

Shreveport Chapter

Maxine Pickens

Alexandria Chapter

  • Joan Jeffries, Alexandria Chapter
  • Vera Blakes, Baton Rouge Chapter
  • James Darrell Richard, Lafayette Chapter
  • Sonya Trebucq, New Orleans Chapter
  • Jerre Perry, Shreveport Chapter
  • Robert Couvillion, North Shore Chapter
  • Cynthia Schexnayder, Acadiana Chapter
  • Linda D. McMahon, Alexandria Chapter
  • Betty Knox, Baton Rouge Chapter
  • Sylvia Ann L. Savoy, Lake Charles Chapter
  • Judith M. McIlwain, Monroe Chapter
  • Beatrice August, New Orleans Chapter
  • John Kenneth Mendow, Jr., North Shore Chapter
  • Robert Baker, Jr., Shreveport Chapter
  • Gerald Hoffpauir, Acadiana Chapter
  • Theresa Juneau, Alexandria Chapter
  • Whitman Kling, Baton Rouge Chapter
  • Gretchen Autin, Coastal Chapter
  • Virgina Thibodeaux, Lake Charlse Chapter
  • Bobbie Poole, Monroe Chapter
  • Victoria Lewis, New Orleans Chapter
  • Mittie Rohner, North Shore Chapter
  • Kathleen Cush, Shreveport Chapter
  • Robert Freeman, Acadiana Chapter
  • Ronald Schneider, Alexandria Chapter
  • Bruce Pilley, Baton Rough Chapter
  • Judy Smart, Coastal Chapter
  • Robert Shadoin, Monroe Chapter
  • William Knight III, North Shore Chapter
  • Nelda Rains-Thomas, Shreveport Chapter
  • Cheryl Smith, Acadiana Chapter
  • Mary L. Lafargue, Alexaandria Chapter
  • Laura Holmes, Baton Rouge Chapter
  • Aline P. Causey, New Orleans Chapter
  • A Clayton James, Jr., North Shore Chapter
  • Richard B. Paulus, Monroe Chapter
  • Billy Montgomery, Shreveport Chapter
  • Amy Dalcour, Acadiana Chapter
  • Anita Wooley, Alexandria Chapter
  • Genita Moore Hunter, Baton Rouge Chapter
  • Percy Rodriguez, Coastal Chapter
  • Fern Foster, Lake Charles Chapter
  • John Tannehill, Monroe Chapter
  • Earl J. Millet, Jr., New Orleans Chapter
  • Ed Day, North Shore Chapter
  • Sam Marsala, Shreveport Chapter
  • Yvonne J. Prejean, Acadiana Chapter
  • Charlotte Scallen, Alexandria Chapter
  • Connie Carlton, Baton Rouge Chapter
  • Sue Gewin-Jex, Monroe Chapter
  • J.E. "Jimmy" Fitzmorris, New Orleans Chapter
  • Kathryn Singleton, North Shore Chapter
  • Nyla Farley, Shreveport Chapter
  • Elsie J. Azare, Acadiana Chapter
  • Carol Lyn Jackson, Alexandria Chapter
  • Louis and Zylpha Quinn, Baton Rouge Chapter
  • Cecil J. Melancon, Coastal Chapter
  • Essie M. LeBleu, Lake Charles Chapter
  • Oliver M. Lenard, Monroe Chapter
  • Maurice "Moon" Landrieu, New Orleans Chapter
  • Leroy Seal, North Shore Chapter
  • Fred C. Sexton, Jr., Shreveport Chapter
  • Joy Netherlin, Alexandria Chapter
  • Nancy DeWitt, Baton Rouge Chapter
  • Agnes Gandy, Lake Charles Chapter
  • Glynne Brooks, Monroe Chapter
  • Cheryl Turner, New Orleans Chapter
  • Dalton "Beryl" Schilling, North Shore Chapter
  • Bonita Hearne, Shreveport Chapter